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The Home's Mission

The Villa
Through innovation, differentiation and consistent technological updating, as well as through the continuous training of all its collaborators, the Home sets as its mission to host and provide high quality assistance to those who wish to socialize daily with people of the same age, and therefore:

  • Responds to the individual basic needs of the user, namely nutrition, health care, hygiene and personal comfort;
  • Responds to the self-esteem needs of the users, while respecting their independence, privacy and individuality;
  • Ensures contacts with the outside world and conviviality inside the Home, so as to facilitate the user's personal and social achievement;
  • Ensures the continuity and strengthening of family and friends ties, to achieve the necessary emotional well-being;
  • Promotes the users happiness and well-being, in a family and high quality environment, by resorting to a group of recognized skilled professionals, who assure the achievement of this mission.
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