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The Villa
On an adjacent plot to the East of the Quinta, an existing house (the Vivenda) was rehabilitated and enlarged, now consisting of four (4) floors, with a gross built up area of 721 sqm, hosting distinct functional areas. The Building contains ten (10) bedroom, two (2) singles bedrooms, six (6) double bedrooms, and two (2) triple bedrooms, amounting to a total of twenty (20) beds. Besides a communication system with the team on duty, all the rooms have the adequate technical facilities for a proper operation and a totally equipped I.S. with the aids imposed by the regulations. All the floors, with the exception of the first floor, the highest one, have a direct access to the outside.

Floor 00, the main entrance floor, accommodates the reception and the waiting area, as well as a waste removal room, a living room with a scullery, four (4) bedrooms, one (1) single bedroom, two (2) double bedroom , one of them has a small living room, and one (1) triple bedroom.

Floor 1, the highest one, has a collaborators' room, equipped with a bathroom with shower, a waste removal room, a living room with a scullery, a nursing room and three (3) bedrooms, one (1) single bedroom, and two (2) double bedrooms. The vertical access to the Building is made by two staircases, one on the outside and one on the inside, and by one lift. In all common spaces and bedrooms a category 6 cabling system provides for the transmission of data, voice and image, as well as Internet connection, fire detection and fighting, and air conditioning and ventilation systems. Besides the electric network and the fire detection system, the intrusion and C.C.T.V, detection and ventilation systems, as well as the fire cablings and extinguishers, are installed in the corridors and hallways...

All the floors have areas for clean clothes and waste, storage rooms and bathrooms for the collaborators. The materials used and the sober decoration, as well as the technical facilities, confer to all the spaces, bedrooms, common and service areas the comfort and quality required for a high quality Unit.

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