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The Buildings

The Farm
On the part of the terrain near the above mentioned street, stand the two buildings that are the Institution's pole for social and health care.
The ULDM is installed in the bigger building, the Building, with a built up area of 2205 sqm.

An Old Age Home is installed in the other building, the Villa, with a built up area of 721 sqm.

In the outer space, a 58 sqm swimming pool and a 120 sqm laundry have been built, both harmonically integrated in the garden area.
The electric power for the two buildings is supplied by a private PT transformer station.

The production of hot water of the two buildings is performed by a gas boiler supplemented by a solar panel system.

The watering of gardens and the water supply to the boiler and the laundry is done through a well, after proper treatment. The water quality of the well is controlled by an accredited laboratory.
Both buildings have Permit to Use License issued by the Municipality of Silves and the Institute of Social Security of Faro.

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